Thanksgiving Outreach Meal

Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner is one way GRACE BAPTIST shares God’s provision with others. The community is invited to dine with us and hear the good news of Christ’s purchase for His people. We welcome you to join us and hope to see you there.

“I will give You thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people I will praise You.”
Psalm 35:18

Nursing Home

At GRACE BAPTIST we feel that the elder should be cared have their spiritual needs met too. As a congregation we take a group of singers to Dewey Medical Lodge to sing and teaches the souls that are not able to come to Sunday services. We sing the old time favorites, preach a short message, and let the residents know that we care. It is wonderful to see these older saints singing the songs that have lasted the test of time. It is a blessing for all that attend.

Homeless Work

The members of GRACE BAPTIST also see that the homeless need the Lord as well. We have several members that drive to Tulsa and help at a mission called John 3:16. They help serve a meal and reach out with the gospel to those that come. We are helping at the shelter in Bartlesville as well. It is called the Lighthouse Mission. We have served the supper meal and are looking forward to doing this again.